Filming in Malta

Travel to the hidden treasure of the Mediterranean Sea and discover the world. Malta, Gozo, and Comino are all small islands, but for cinematic purposes they are a wonderland. Filming in Malta only opens up more possibilities.

With the support of our film fixer in Malta, your production is in good hands. Tell us more about what you envision so we can make it happen. Consult our team to get all the filming gear, film permits and production crew that you need. From accommodation to the zoning of the city, we are all hands on deck.

Production Assistance and Access for Filming in Malta

Major blockbuster movies and renowned television series have been filmed in Malta. Film crews from all around the world flock to these islands to capture their magnificence. Not surprisingly, the excellent quality of production assistance plays a role in this.

A lot is possible when filming in Malta. Mediterranean Film Studios is technologically advanced and great for controlled environments. At the same time, the rich Maltese history has left incredible architectural remnants. Create a live set for your period piece in the streets of Valletta or one of its many palaces and forts. Our location scout knows what will work for your production.

You will enjoy the support of an experienced film crew. Our production assistance delivers top quality work. Whether you need set builders or make-up artists, our local team is capable. Being so near the rest of Europe, any advanced gear or specialists can fly in record time.

Do not worry about major obstacles coming in your way when filming in Malta. Our team of local fixers knows what needs to be taken care of. When you hire us, you can trust that you gain access to our experienced network of film fixers and production crew.

filming in Malta

Getting Film Permits in Malta

Although highly supportive of international film crews, getting the right film permits for Malta can be quite some work. If you have ever filmed abroad then you know the scale of the logistics involved. Now imagine that in a small island nation. The island still needs to function, even if a big production is happening.

Thankfully, with the experience of Fixer Malta, it won’t be too time-consuming. With the right information and planning, you can have the film permits in your hand within 2 – 7 days.

Depending on where you are filming in Malta, additional permits may be required. This is true for government property and protected sites. Filming in special areas needs approval from Heritage Malta, Malta Environment and Planning Authority the government’s Estate Management Department.

There are also strict regulations for foreigners working in Malta, even as a film crew or member of the media. Depending on the nationality, a work permit may be necessary. However, Malta is part of the European Union and so working there as a European is arranged for more easily. Consult us for more specific details on what applies to you.

Malta film permits

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives for Filming in Malta

Although general prices in Malta are similar to the neighboring countries, there are many financial perks to filming in Malta. There are several possibilities for tax rebates and cash incentives depending on the type of production and how Malta is depicted.

A foreign production company can apply for financial incentives from both the Malta Film Commission and the Malta Tourism Authority. The Malta Film Commission offers significant uncapped cash rebates for the crew and services enlisted locally. These cash incentives increase further if Malta is also represented as itself in the final cut. In which case, you may also apply for additional sponsorships from the Malta Tourism Authority.

The monetary perks you can expect is considered on a case by case basis. That is why it only works to your advantage to consult our production fixer on the possibilities. We stay up to date on all the regulations and incentives for foreign film crews.

There are many beautiful Mediterranean countries for your production company to choose from. But none are quite like Malta. Contact us for more information on international film crews working in Malta. Let us explain why this is an opportunity you don’t want to pass on.

filming in malta