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Professional Fixer in Malta

Fixer Malta is your local contact for hassle-free production in Malta. Work with an experienced film crew and local fixer that knows every corner of the Maltese islands.

Just a stone’s throw away from Sicily, filming in Malta is a treat. It has a sizeable film industry, sophisticated studios, and endless breathtaking filming locations. From the peaceful Blue Lagoon to stepping back to medieval times at Mdina. Stories come to life in Malta.

Trust our location manager for finding the most cinematic landscapes. Malta is full of ancient and medieval architecture, the perfect backdrop to period pieces. Join the leagues of Game of Thrones, Gladiator, and The Count of Monte Cristo. Malta is a beloved filming location.

For both international news stories and special intrigue, we have a journalist fixer that discovers the details. With our local network, we connect you to the people with compelling stories. Unravel the mysteries of the Knights of Malta or meet the people on a rescue mission in the Mediterranean Sea.

Working with Fixer Malta means that you and your crew are taken care of. We do more than filing the paperwork for a film permit. We have an experienced local team for organizing every step of your film production. From initial research to the final details in post-production, you can rely on us.

Planning for film production in Malta? Then you have landed on the right page. Let us tell you why production companies flock to Malta.

Benefits Of Working With A Fixer In Malta

Malta is a paradise for filmmakers and production teams. It has a well-developed film industry and inspiring local creatives. It is no wonder that major Hollywood movies choose these islands as their filming locations.

With a more developed film industry also comes more regulation. The goods news for you is that Fixer Malta is on top of it. Our film fixer in Malta knows what needs to be on black and white for you to start filming stress-free.

We also have an updated list of tax rebates and incentives for filming in Malta. This small island nation welcomes international film crews and proves this in monetary matters. Ask Fixer Malta which perks apply to your production and we will set things up.

Our film fixer in Malta will ensure that your team has full production assistance. We have a local network of experienced film crew that is ready to work with you. We also have international connections for any specialist skills not present locally.

With our guidance, you get to both work and play while filming in Malta. The islands are too beautiful not to soak in the sights. In the meantime, Fixer Malta ensures that everything stays on schedule.

Make use of our connections with Malta Film Studios for incredible water scenes and special effects. Or go for the natural beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Both are possible when working with us. Magic is possible when working with the right people in Malta.


Filming In Malta With Us

Shooting a commercial, creating branded content, or building an entire film set? It is all possible when filming in Malta. Despite being just a few kilometers from end to end, Malta does not stop giving. It is the ideal location for capturing both natural beauty and special effects.

Enjoy complete and efficient production assistance when working with Fixer Malta. We are part of an international network of film fixers with the right people in the right place. Get the necessary local connections to make your film production a success.

Leave the paperwork to us. We make sure that you have the right film permit for your preferred filming locations. Our location manager can book Malta’s most famous sites like Palazzo Parisio (Naxxar) but also the hidden beaches on Gozo island. Or be adventurous and include breathtaking underwater scenes of azure blue waters.

When working with us you can feel assured that the entire production stays organized. We are on hand for the pre-production research and prep. We are on set for coordination and last-minute fixes. We are on standby for any additional b-roll or post-production that you may need. Leave the little fires to us.

With Fixer Malta you will be working with film professionals of international experience. Every fixer and crew member is vetted by us. Our experience with film crews from all around the world has taught us what really matters. You can expect professionalism through and through.

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