Film Permits & Locations

Malta may be a small island but it has a lot to offer. Consisting of 3 main islands, it is easy to navigate. None of the islands are exceptionally large, so moving between Malta filming locations does not gobble up too much time. Our location manager can guide you to the most versatile and cinematic sights. From palatial buildings to the perfect backdrop for the Roman era. Malta is blessed with crystal clear waters and well-preserved colonial architecture. Malta welcomes both local and international film crews. Film permits are not difficult to obtain and can be arranged swiftly.

Malta Filming Locations – Valletta

Malta is the name of the country but also the name of its main island. This is where you find the beautiful capital Valletta. Filming in Valletta is a good stand-in for many more crowded European cities. The big blockbuster Assassin’s Creed filmed here. The scenes of Jerusalem in World War Z were also shot in Valletta. The influence of the British, French, Romans, and Moors is still strongly felt in the man-made landscape. There are several forts that serve as excellent Malta filming locations. Examples include Fort St. Angelo, Fort Manoel, Fort Delimara, Fort Ricasoli, and Fort St. Elmo. You can acquire film permits for action shots in the cave network of the Blue Grotto. For scenes depicting the life of royalty, you can book one of Malta’s many palaces including Palazzo Parisio and Grand Master’s Palace. With our production assistance, each location shines on your screen.

malta filming locations valetta

Malta Filming Locations – Gozo

Filming in Gozo is not complete without seeing the Ggantija Temples, one of the oldest Methalithic temples in Malta. Dating from as far back as 3600 – 3000 BC, this historic site is labeled a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another important historical site is Il Kastell, locally known as Citadella, a fort on a plateau from the 15th century. Gozo is also one of the top Malta filming locations for water scenes. It has incredibly beautiful and unique beaches. There is the pebble beach of Wied il-Ghasri with its majestic cliffs and Dwejra Bay where you can see the fossils in the cliff face. When applying for film permits in Malta it is also a good idea to consider underwater filming. Malta is a top snorkeling and scuba diving destination. Gozo is where you find the iconic Blue Hole and Azure Window.

malta filming locations gozo

Malta Filming Locations – Comino

Comino is synonymous with the Blue Lagoon, one of the most iconic Malta filming locations. This is where the 1980 film of the same name was shot. 20 years later it served as the backdrop for The Count of Monte Cristo. Our location scout manager can take you beyond this famous spot. Other unique locations worthy of film permits is St Mary’s Tower and the Church of Our Lady’s Return from Egypt.  Getting film permits for Comino is well worth it for your production company. Even for an island this small, it is impressive that less than 5 permanent residents are living on Comino. It is essentially a blank canvas for your film production. Crews can rent charters to sail around the island and find the perfect tranquil spot. It is only a short boat ride from both Gozo and the main island Malta.

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Malta Filming Locations – Mdina

Mdina is Malta’s former capital. There are archaeological traces that indicate the city was a stronghold as far back as 4000 BC. The capital did not move to Valletta until the year 1530. Like many Malta filming locations, Mdina is a fantastic structure for scenes set in the past. The city walls are still mostly intact, creating a majestic scene from a distance. Sitting on top of a plateau at 210 meters altitude, it is an impressive sight. Our location scout manager can arrange for the film permits for this interesting and conveniently located region. You may have to discuss with our film fixer in Malta how to go about the logistics of filming here. Known as the ‘silent city’, cars are not allowed in many parts of Mdina. Walking around here you understand why the royals built Palazzo Falzon and Palazzo Inguanez here.

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